TrcPIDControl Class Reference

#include <TrcPIDControl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TrcPIDControl (__in float Kp, __in float Ki, __in float Kd, __in PIDSource *source, __in PIDOutput *output, __in float period)
 ~TrcPIDControl (void)
double PIDGet (void)

Detailed Description

This class defines and implements the TrcPIDControl object. This object inherits the PIDController object from the WPI library. This object is essentially the same as the PIDController object except that it allows this object to expose the PIDGet method where the PIDController does not.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TrcPIDControl::TrcPIDControl ( __in float  Kp,
__in float  Ki,
__in float  Kd,
__in PIDSource *  source,
__in PIDOutput *  output,
__in float  period 
) [inline]

Constructor: Create an instance of the TrcPIDControl object.

Kp Specifies the proportional coefficient.
Ki Specifies the integral coefficient.
Kd Specifies the derivative coefficient.
source Specifies the PIDSource object that is used to get values.
output Specifies the PIDOutput object that is set to the output value.
period Specifies the loop time for doing calculations. This particularly effect integral and differental terms. The default is 50ms.
TrcPIDControl::~TrcPIDControl ( void   )  [inline]

Destructor: Destroy an instance of the TrcPIDControl object.

Member Function Documentation

double TrcPIDControl::PIDGet ( void   )  [inline]

This function returns the PID source value.

Returns the PID control source input value.

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