AnalogInNotify Class Reference

#include <AnalogIn.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void NotifyAIn (__in UINT32 slot, __in UINT32 channel, __in UINT32 zone, __in INT16 value)=0

Detailed Description

This abstract class defines the AnalogInNotify object. The object is a callback interface. It is not meant to be created as an object. Instead, it should be inherited by a subclass who needs to be notified on the analog input events.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void AnalogInNotify::NotifyAIn ( __in UINT32  slot,
__in UINT32  channel,
__in UINT32  zone,
__in INT16  value 
) [pure virtual]

This function is provided by the subclass to handle a AnalogIn event.

slot Specifies the Analog Module slot.
channel Specifies the Analog channel.
zone Specifies the analog value zone.
value Specifies the analog value.

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