2013-08-11 Michael Tsang Merged default tip
2013-08-11 Michael Tsang Added 3D parts
2013-07-27 Trc492/3543 Minor update
2013-01-11 Trc492/3543 Prep for state championship
2012-12-31 Trc492/3543 Fixed irseeker crashing bug, menu choice is now float, seek ir params are now in tables, misc fixes
2012-12-16 Trc492/3543 Final code from East District Championship
2012-12-15 Trc492/3543 Fixed typo
2012-12-15 Trc492/3543 Do not hold the elevator motor
2012-12-15 Trc492/3543 Final tuning before competition
2012-12-14 Trc492/3543 Added defense distance menu
2012-12-13 Trc492/3543 Improved IR Seeker module, tuned IR seeking and other autonomous
2012-12-12 Trc492/3543 Added Ramp teleop code and tuned line following
2012-12-11 Trc492/3543 Removed private state machine and timer from test mode
2012-12-11 Trc492/3543 Debug and tune line following
2012-12-10 Trc492/3543 Found another RobotC bug
2012-12-09 Trc492/3543 Add program to detect heavy ring
2012-12-09 Trc492/3543 Fixed crash problem
2012-12-09 Trc492/3543 Give driver a clue the robot is waiting by displaying the menu choice
2012-12-09 Trc492/3543 Move TestMode back to Autonomous, rewrote strategies, added LS cal program
2012-12-08 Trc492/3543 3rd league matches
2012-12-07 Trc492/3543 Rewrote line following
2012-12-07 Trc492/3543 Tuned autonomous first round
2012-12-06 Trc492/3543 New driver version
2012-12-06 Trc492/3543 Added get/set state macros to StateMachine module
2012-12-06 Trc492/3543 Moved zero calibrate code into pidmotor library module
2012-12-06 Trc492/3543 Fixed build break
2012-12-06 Trc492/3543 Move TestMode to TeleOp
2012-12-06 Trc492/3543 Tuned line following
2012-12-05 Trc492/3543 Added peg height menu
2012-12-04 Trc492/3543 Removed ramp code
2012-12-03 Trc492/3543 Added line following and IR seeking
2012-12-03 Trc492/3543 Added Kalman filter support to gyro and accel modules
2012-12-02 Trc492/3543 Fixed Virtual World mode
2012-12-02 Trc492/3543 Added FtcAuto and FtcTeleOp templates back
2012-12-01 Trc492/3543 2nd League match
2012-12-01 Trc492/3543 Added Ramp code and major cleanup
2012-11-30 Trc492/3543 Merged
2012-11-30 Trc492/3543 Cleanup
2012-11-28 Trc492/3543 Cleaned up comments
2012-11-26 Trc492/3543 Calibrated peg heights
2012-11-26 Trc492/3543 Tuned PID constants and encoder click scale
2012-11-26 Trc492/3543 Tuned Elevator
2012-11-25 Trc492/3543 Rearranged motors and sensors
2012-11-24 Trc492/3543 Added SuperPro to sensor port 2 and separated the thresholds for the 2 light sensors
2012-11-24 Trc492/3543 Fixed sensor/motor config
2012-11-24 Trc492/3543 Added reset timeout to stall detection
2012-11-24 Trc492/3543 Fixed build problem
2012-11-24 Trc492/3543 Minor cleanup
2012-11-23 andrew Moved robot to 4-motor configuration. Also moved sensors around to accomodate the new sensor configuration (ir and light on top, errything else on bottom). Proposed new elevator control meathod where the elevator will slow down when it gets near the upper & lower limits
2012-11-22 Trc492/3543 Refactor code
2012-11-21 Trc492/3543 Code rearrangement to make single/dual program possible
2012-11-21 Trc492/3543 Ported fixes to dual programs
2012-11-21 Trc492/3543 Added limit switch and 2nd light sensor
2012-11-20 Trc492/3543 Fixed ftclib path
2012-11-19 Trc492/3543 Added stall protection to PIDMotor
2012-11-19 Trc492/3543 More tuning and improved FtcMain template
2012-11-18 Trc492/3543 Combined auto and teleop code to a single program
2012-11-17 Trc492/3543 Sub-regional #1
2012-11-17 Trc492/3543 Added StraightUp strategy
2012-11-17 Trc492/3543 Added Autonomous code