Mercurial Repositories

Name Description Contact Last modified  
APCS/2014-2015 AP Computer Science Michael Tsang 2015-06-18
Arduino Arduino Projects Michael Tsang 2014-09-05
Attendance TRC Attendance Michael Tsang 5 months ago
Frc/2008 FRC 2008: Overdrive (Robot Code: IFI) Paul Malmsten 2009-12-21
Frc/2009 FRC 2009: Lunacy (Robot Code: LabVIEW) Andrew Nelson 2009-12-21
Frc/2010/code FRC 2010: Breakaway (Robot Code: WindRiver) Andrew Nelson 2011-04-16
Frc/2010/docs FRC 2010: Breakaway (Documents) Andrew Nelson 2010-04-18
Frc/2010/tools FRC 2010: Breakaway (Tools) Andrew Nelson 2010-02-06
Frc/2011/code FRC 2011: Logomotion (Robot Code: WindRiver) Cindy Rogers 2012-02-22
Frc/2011/misc FRC 2011: Logomotion (Documents and Tools) Cindy Rogers 2011-03-16
Frc/2012/code FRC 2012: Rebound Rumble (Robot Code: WindRiver) Andrew Nelson 2014-03-17
Frc/2012/misc FRC 2012: Rebound Rumble (Documents and Tools) Andrew Nelson 2013-10-04
Frc/2013/code FRC 2013: Ultimate Ascent (Robot Code: WindRiver) Andrew Nelson 2013-09-06
Frc/2013/misc FRC 2013: Ultimate Ascent (Documents and Tools) Andrew Nelson 2013-04-23
Frc/2014/code FRC 2014: Aerial Assist (Robot Code: WindRiver) Michael Tsang 2014-03-22
Frc/2014/misc FRC 2014: Aerial Assist (Documents and Tools) Michael Tsang 2015-01-01
Frc/2015/code FRC 2015: Recycle Rush (Java) Michael Tsang 2015-05-14
Frc/2015/misc FRC 2015: Recycle Rush (Documents and Tools) Michael Tsang 2015-01-01
Frc/Tools FRC Tools Michael Tsang 2014-02-01
Frc/cRIOShowBots/code Demo Robots with NI-cRIO (WindRiver C++) Michael Tsang 2015-01-07
Frc/docs FRC Season Independent Documents Michael Tsang 2013-10-04
Ftc/2010 FTC 2010: HotShot! (Robot Code: RobotC) Andrew Nelson 2010-01-20
Ftc/2011/code FTC 2011: Get Over It! (Robot Code: RobotC) Michael Tsang 2011-02-24
Ftc/2011/misc FTC 2011: GetOverIt! (Documents and Tools) Michael Tsang 2011-01-14
Ftc/2012/code FTC 2012: Bowled Over! (Robot Code: RobotC) Andrew Nelson 2012-09-17
Ftc/2012/misc FTC 2012: Bowled Over! (Documents and Tools) Andrew Nelson 2012-08-12
Ftc/2013/code FTC 2013: Ring It Up! (Robot Code: RobotC) Andrew Nelson 2013-08-11
Ftc/2013/misc FTC 2013: Ring It Up! (Documents and Tools) Andrew Nelson 2013-08-11
Ftc/2014/code FTC 2014: Block Party! (Robot Code: RobotC) Michael Tsang 2014-04-25
Ftc/2014/misc FTC 2014: Block Party! (Documents and Tools) Michael Tsang 2013-09-08
Ftc/2015/code FTC 2015: Cascade Effect (Robot Code: RobotC) Michael Tsang 2015-02-05
Ftc/2015/misc FTC 2015: Cascade Effect (Documents and Tools) Michael Tsang 2014-09-06
Ftc/2016/code FTC 2016: ??? (Robot Code: Java) Michael Tsang 2015-04-07
Ftc/2016/misc FTC 2016: ??? (Documents and Tools) Michael Tsang 2015-04-07
Ftc/ProgrammingClasses FTC Programming Classes Michael Tsang 2013-10-14
Ftc/RobotCTutorials RobotC Tutorials Michael Tsang 2011-04-03
Ftc/docs FTC Season Independent Documents Michael Tsang 2012-08-12
MTProjs Miscellaneous Fun Projects Michael Tsang 2012-08-12
RoboMagellan/2009/main RoboMagellan 2009 Competition Robot Code (WindRiver) Andrew Nelson 2009-12-21
RoboMagellan/2009/stable RoboMagellan 2009 Competition Robot Code (WindRiver) Andrew Nelson 2009-12-21
Summer/2009/fms Software to automate the Space Race summer camp competition Paul Malmsten 2009-12-21
Summer/2009/web Web-based student check in/out system for a summer camp Alex Herreid 2009-12-21
members Membership information management system. See /trac/members Paul Malmsten 2012-08-21
stamp/main Collaborative scouting application. See /trac/stamp/ Paul Malmsten 2010-03-26
stamp/stable Collaborative scouting application. See /trac/stamp/ Paul Malmsten 2010-01-19
website/stable Stable Drupal code and configuration serving Paul Malmsten 2009-12-21
website/testing Drupal code and configuration currently under test (i.e. updates, new modules, etc.) Paul Malmsten 2010-05-16