= Preparing for the FTC competition season!=

Installing NXT driver and RobotC


Setting up Source Control

Please read the article UsingMercurial on how to install and use the source control system.

In summary, to sync the sources for the this competition season, follow the steps below:

Configuring ROBOTC

Editing the project code

Upgrading the NXT firmware

With a new version of the ROBOTC, the NXT must have a matching version of firmware installed. If you haven't upgraded to a matching version of the firmware, follow the steps below to upgrade the NXT firmware.

Pairing your NXT with your PC via Bluetooth

Before you can connect your PC to the NXT via Bluetooth, you must first pair the NXT to the PC. Follow the steps below to perform the pairing process.

Downloading your code to the NXT

Follow the steps below to compile and download your code to the NXT.

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