This document describes the steps to prepare the cRIO for competition season (Frc2010)

Installing WindRiver WorkBench for C/C++

In the Kit of Parts, you should find a cardboard envelop containing 2 DVDs. This contains all the necessary software tools to build the robot code in three different environments: LabView, WindRiver WorkBench C/C++ and NetBeans Java IDE. Although WindRiver is mainly on the 2nd DVDs, do install both because it depends on some of the LabView components on DVD 1 such as the imaging tool. The full software installation instructions can be found in section 2.3 of the document Here are the summary steps:

Configuring the wireless components

The robot is communicating with the other components via wireless network. Therefore, it is important to properly configure every components on the network. Detail instructions can be found in the document at step 10. For a quick summary, a list of the IP addresses is provided here. The addresses are set up for team number 492.

Note: The cRIO network ports do not have auto-sensing. Therefore, they need cross-over cables if they are directly connected to components other than the gaming adapter or wireless access point (i.e. you need cross-over cable to directly connect cRIO nework port 1 to your laptop or to connect cRIO network port 2 to the camera).

Updating the cRIO Image

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