The 2012 challenge was too hard and the time bonus was too high. The rules were changed on the last day to make the time more valuble and the touch penalty really low. Consequently, the teams who spend time working on attachments and doing challenges got low scores while the teams that took the easiest rout won. If we re-use this field, we should increase the reward for all the challenges to make them worth the time. Also, we should make the challenges easier. The bridge should start completely horizontally. There should be no fishtank gravel (so the kids can grab the fish easier).

In addition, we should add a penalty for manual field intervention (like 40 points... big penalty) so if some of the kids don't have a robot that can do a certain task they don't have to lose all time. This could mean pushing the bridge down, moving gravel out of the way, or pulling up trees.

BTW I'm sorry for mentioning the culprit by name; I didn't realize at the time and definitely wasn't trying to insult anyone. That version was never submited, though so it's not in the page history.

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