How to author an article?

Get a login account

Before you can author an article, you must have a valid login account. If you don't have an account, create one by clicking the "Login" link at the upper left corner of the wiki site. When creating an account, please use your real name because we need to track who created the article. Please use the format FirstnameLastname capitalizing the first letters of your names. After creating your login account, you must contact the robotics club leadership to provide them with your account user name. We must add your account to the permission list to allow your account to create and edit articles. Once your account is added to the permission list, you are ready to author articles. For more help on creating a login account, see HelpOnLogin.

Create the link to your article

Before creating the article, you must put a link on the index page so that people can find your article there. The index page is organized into different sections and sub-sections. Find the most appropriate category your article belongs to and create a link in that section. You can also create a new section if you don't find any appropriate category for it. To add a link in the index page, you must edit the index page. If you are logged in to your account and your account is in the permission list, you should see a "Edit (Text)" or "Edit (GUI)" link near the top or the bottom. If you are comfortable with editing raw text with formatting tags as seen in HelpOnFormatting, you can choose "Edit (Text)", otherwise you can choose "Edit (GUI)". "Edit (GUI)" will give you a word processor like interface where it gives you a tool bar near the top that contains buttons such as Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullets, Indent, Insert link, Insert table and pictures etc. You can even switch back and forth between Text mode and GUI mode to see the corresponding formatting tags it generated. When in text mode, a GUI preview is also shown below the text mode edit box although it is only updated when you click the "Preview" button. For more help on formatting, see HelpOnFormatting. To add a link on the index page, insert a line in the appropriate section and click the "Insert/Edit Link" button (the button with the icon of the globe with a chain). The "Link Type" should be "WikiPage" and the "Page Name" should be in the form of "<YourPageName>". Use a descriptive name to best describe your page. The page name should be one word. If multiple words are used, capitalize the first letter of each word and remove the spaces in between words. By default, the display text of your new link will be the same as your page name. To give your link a better and more verbose descriptive text, switch to text mode and edit the link by appending a '|' followed by the more descriptive text you would like to display. Once you are satisfied with the link you created, you can now click the "Save Changes" button near the top. Before saving the changes, you may want to describe your changes in the "Comment" box below.

Create your article

Once your link is saved, examine it from the index page. You will see your link in grayed out text. This is because the article the link is referring to does not exist yet. The next step is to create the article. Click the link to your article on the index page, it will bring you to a page for selecting a template. Unless you know what template best suits you, I will select "Create new empty page" near the top. This will open your blank new page in text mode. You may want to switch to GUI mode by clicking the "GUI mode" button near the top. Now you can start writing your article. When you are done, add a comment about your change in the comment box and click "Save Changes". If you want to edit the article again, click the "Edit (Text)" or "Edit (GUI)" link again. If you want to learn more advance topics on editing, see HelpOnEditing.

Tips on editing your article

If you are editing a long article, it may be a good idea to save it periodically. Do not leave the edit page without saving first. If you do not save and leave the edit page, you will lose what you have edited since the last save. If you want to examine other articles as examples on how something is done, open another web browser window to the wiki site for that purpose. Do not leave your edit page and thinking you can come back without losing your edit. The wiki will not warn you that your edit hasn't been saved if you leave the page. If you want to learn more about fancy formatting, the wiki has very good help topics (see HelpOnEditing). You can also learn from other articles by examining their formatting tags in Text Mode Edit. As a courtesy to others, do not edit articles authored by somebody else without consulting the original author unless it is a minor edit such as correcting typos or if the original author is no longer with the robotics club.

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