FRC 2013 Software Installation Guide

This document summarizes the steps of installing software to develop code using Wind River C++. The detail information can be found in various documents posted on FIRST. But the information is scattered in many different documents and difficult to locate. Therefore, this document summarizes the necessary information in a single place.

To install the software environment, you need to install the following components:

Installing the FRC 2013 Tools and Utilities

The Tools and Utilities can be found on the DVD in the LabView envelop from the Kit of Parts. The DVD contains three software:

Since we are programming in C++, installing LabView is optional. We may need it to modify the Dashboard application but otherwise, we don't need it. Insert the DVD into your DVD drive and let AutoRun execute the installer. If it doesn't run automatically, open the DVD drive folder and double click AutoRun.exe. If you want to install LabView too, pick "Install Everything", otherwise click "Install Only FRC Tools" first. After it's done then click "Install Only Driver Station Support". If prompted for the Serial Number, type in S14X86763.

Installing Wind River Workbench

If you have installed Wind River last season, you must uninstall it and all associated software before installing the new version for this season. To uninstall the previous version, run the maintenance tool at C:\WindRiver\maintenance\mtool\mtool.exe. You can either run this in a CMD prompt or navigate to the folder in file explorer and double click mtool.exe.

Wind River comes in 2 DVDs. If your computer is running x86 (32-bit) Windows XP or Vista, you just need to install DVD 1 (V 3.3.1). If your computer is running Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), you need to install both DVD 1 (V 3.3.1) and 2 (V 3.3.1). It is IMPORTANT that at the end of installing DVD 1, you MUST uncheck the check-box that automatically launch Workbench V 3.3.1. In other words, you must NOT run Wind River until you finish installing DVD 2. It is also IMPORTANT that you do not change the installation directory. Leave it at C:\WindRiver. This is because the update tool is expecting it there.

During the installation of DVD 1, it will prompt you for "Activation Type". Choose "Permanent activation" and click the "Browse..." button. Find the file "FRC_2013_WB30_WB33_install.txt" on the DVD and click "Open". This file contains the Wind River activation key. Once the path to the FirstRobotics_2012_install.txt is displayed under "Permanent activation", click "Next" to continue the installation. Follow the rest of the installation instructions until the process is complete. For detail screen shots of the installation process, please refer to: Installing the C++ Development Tools

Downloading and Installing Updates

Tools and Utilities update can be found here

Driver Station update can be found here

Wind River Workbench update can be found here

It is also important to check the FIRST Team updates site periodically for any news and updates. There could be announcement for rules changes, clarifications as well as updates on software and various issues.

Configuring Wind River Workbench

Enable line numbers in the text editor:

Set code style:

Set FIRST downloader preferences:

Creating a New Project

The easiest way to start a new project is to duplicate an existing project and change it to a new project.

Compiling the New Project for the First Time

Before compiling the new project, you must import the new project into the Wind River Workspace.

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