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C:/Users/Michael/Ftc/2011/code/trclib/touch.h File Reference

#include "..\HTDriversV1.6\drivers\LEGOTS-driver.h"

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Data Structures

struct  TOUCH


#define _TOUCH_H
#define MOD_ID   MOD_TOUCH
#define TOUCHF_USER_MASK   0x00ff
#define TOUCHF_ENABLE_EVENTS   0x0001
#define TouchGetState(p)   TSreadState((tSensors)p.sensorID)


void TouchEvent (__in TOUCH &touch, __in bool fActive)
void TouchInit (__out TOUCH &touch, __in int sensorID, __in int touchFlags)
void TouchTask (__inout TOUCH &touch)

Define Documentation

#define _TOUCH_H

Definition at line 16 of file touch.h.

#define MOD_ID   MOD_TOUCH

Definition at line 25 of file touch.h.

#define TOUCHF_ENABLE_EVENTS   0x0001

Definition at line 34 of file touch.h.

#define TOUCHF_USER_MASK   0x00ff

Definition at line 30 of file touch.h.

#define TouchGetState (   p)    TSreadState((tSensors)p.sensorID)

Definition at line 44 of file touch.h.

Function Documentation

void TouchEvent ( __in TOUCH touch,
__in bool  fActive 
void TouchInit ( __out TOUCH touch,
__in int  sensorID,
__in int  touchFlags 

This function initializes the touch sensor.

touchPoints to the TOUCH structure to be initialized.
sensorIDSpecifies the ID of the gyro sensor.
touchFlagsSpecifies the touch flags.

Definition at line 74 of file touch.h.

void TouchTask ( __inout TOUCH touch)

This function performs the touch task where it monitors the touch sensor state and send a notification if necessary.

touchPoints to the TOUCH structure.

Definition at line 99 of file touch.h.

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