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Data Structures

struct  NXTBTN


#define _NXTBTN_H
#define NXTBTNF_USER_MASK   0x00ff
#define NXTBTNF_ENABLE_EVENTS   0x0001


void NxtBtnEvent (__in NXTBTN &nxtbtn, __in int nxtButton, __in bool fPressed)
void NxtBtnInit (__out NXTBTN &nxtbtn, __in int nxtBtnFlags)
void NxtBtnTask (__inout NXTBTN &nxtbtn)

Define Documentation

#define _NXTBTN_H

Definition at line 17 of file nxtbtn.h.


Definition at line 24 of file nxtbtn.h.

#define NXTBTNF_ENABLE_EVENTS   0x0001

Definition at line 30 of file nxtbtn.h.

#define NXTBTNF_USER_MASK   0x00ff

Definition at line 29 of file nxtbtn.h.

Function Documentation

void NxtBtnEvent ( __in NXTBTN nxtbtn,
__in int  nxtButton,
__in bool  fPressed 
void NxtBtnInit ( __out NXTBTN nxtbtn,
__in int  nxtBtnFlags 

This function initializes the NXT button system.

nxtbtnPoints to the NXTBTN structure to be initialized.
nxtBtnFlagsSpecifies the button flags.

Definition at line 58 of file nxtbtn.h.

void NxtBtnTask ( __inout NXTBTN nxtbtn)

This function processes the changed buttons and sends button event notifications.

nxtbtnPoints to the NXTBTN structure.

Definition at line 81 of file nxtbtn.h.

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