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Data Structures

struct  BATT


#define _BATT_H
#define MOD_ID   MOD_BATT


void BattShowInfo (__in BATT &batt, __in int lineNum, __in bool fDetails)
void BattInit (__out BATT &batt, __in int summaryLineNum, __in bool fDetails)
void BattTask (__inout BATT &batt)


BATT l_Batt

Define Documentation

#define _BATT_H

Definition at line 17 of file batt.h.

#define MOD_ID   MOD_BATT

Definition at line 24 of file batt.h.

Function Documentation

void BattInit ( __out BATT batt,
__in int  summaryLineNum,
__in bool  fDetails 

This function initializes the BATT info.

battSpecifies the BATT structure to be initialized.
summaryLineNumIf positive, a battery summary line will be displayed at the given line number. If -1, no battery summary is displayed.
fDetailsIf true, show detail voltage range of the batteries.

Definition at line 84 of file batt.h.

void BattShowInfo ( __in BATT batt,
__in int  lineNum,
__in bool  fDetails 

This function display the battery info on the NXT LCD screen.

battPoints to the BATT structure.
lineNumSpecifies the line number to display the info.
fDetailsIf true, also display the min and max voltages of the external battery

Definition at line 50 of file batt.h.

void BattTask ( __inout BATT batt)

This function checks the battery voltages against the min and max values for determining the operating voltage range. This is helpful to determine if the batteries are running low under load.

battPoints to the BATT structure.

Definition at line 115 of file batt.h.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 39 of file batt.h.

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