Target Class Reference

#include <Target.h>

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Public Member Functions

double GetHorizontalAngle ()
void Print ()

Static Public Member Functions

static vector< TargetFindCircularTargets (HSLImage *image)

Public Attributes

double m_majorRadius
double m_minorRadius
double m_rawScore
double m_xPos
double m_yPos
double m_score
double m_rotation
double m_xMax
bool m_bothFound

Member Function Documentation

vector< Target > Target::FindCircularTargets ( HSLImage *  image  )  [static]

Find the best circular target in the image. The best target is the one with two concentric circles, largest size, and best score

image The image to examine.
A target object with the parameters filled in.
double Target::GetHorizontalAngle (  ) 
void Target::Print (  ) 

Print the target. Print information about this target object.

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