Lid Class Reference

#include <Lid.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Lid (__in Solenoid *solLidUp, __in Solenoid *solLidDown)
virtual ~Lid (void)
void LidInit (void)
void LidStop (void)
void SetLidUp (__in bool fUp)
void LidTask (void)
void NotifyTimer (__in void *context)

Detailed Description

This module defines and implements the Lid subsytem. The Lid subsystem consists of two solenoid channels connected to a pneumatic.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Lid::Lid ( __in Solenoid *  solLidUp,
__in Solenoid *  solLidDown 
) [inline]

Constructor for the Lid class.

solLidUp Points to the Lid up solenoid object.
solLidDown Points to the Lid down solenoid object.
virtual Lid::~Lid ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Destructor for the Lid class.

Member Function Documentation

void Lid::LidInit ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called to initialize the Lid subsystem.

void Lid::LidStop ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called by the Disabled code to stop the Lid.

void Lid::LidTask ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called periodically to execute the Lid state machine.

void Lid::NotifyTimer ( __in void *  context  )  [inline]

This function is called when the timer has expired to advance the state machine.

context Specifies the callback context.
void Lid::SetLidUp ( __in bool  fUp  )  [inline]

This function set the Lid up or down.

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