Kicker Class Reference

#include <Kicker.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Kicker (__in Solenoid *solKickerLeftOut, __in Solenoid *solKickerLeftIn, __in Solenoid *solKickerRightOut, __in Solenoid *solKickerRightIn)
virtual ~Kicker (void)
void KickerInit (void)
void KickerStop (void)
void Kick (void)
void KickerTask (void)
void NotifyTimer (__in void *context)

Detailed Description

This module defines and implements the Kicker subsytem. The Kicker subsystem consists of four solenoid channels connected to two pneumatics.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Kicker::Kicker ( __in Solenoid *  solKickerLeftOut,
__in Solenoid *  solKickerLeftIn,
__in Solenoid *  solKickerRightOut,
__in Solenoid *  solKickerRightIn 
) [inline]

Constructor for the Kicker class.

solKickerLeftOut Points to the left kicker out solenoid object.
solKickerLeftIn Points to the left kicker in solenoid object.
solKickerRightOut Points to the right kicker out solenoid object.
solKickerRightIn Points to the right kicker in solenoid object.
virtual Kicker::~Kicker ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Destructor for the Kicker class.

Member Function Documentation

void Kicker::Kick ( void   )  [inline]

This function activates the kicker to kick by starting the kicker state machine.

void Kicker::KickerInit ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called to initialize the Kicker subsystem.

void Kicker::KickerStop ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called by the Disabled code to stop the kicker.

void Kicker::KickerTask ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called periodically to execute the kicker state machine.

void Kicker::NotifyTimer ( __in void *  context  )  [inline]

This function is called when the timer has expired to advance the state machine.

context Specifies the callback context.

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