DashboardDataSender Class Reference

#include <DashboardDataSender.h>

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 DashboardDataSender ()
void sendIOPortData ()
void sendVisionData (double joyStickX, double gyroAngle, double gyroRate, double targetX, vector< Target > targets)

Detailed Description

This class is just an example of one way you could organize the data that you want to send to the dashboard. The PackAndSend method does all the work. You could put the packing code directly in your code, but this model protects you from packing data in the wrong order throughout your code.

The data and the format of this structure are just an example. It is written to match the initial data format expected by the LabVIEW Dashboard project. Feel free to add data elements or remove them. Just remember to make any changes consistently between the LabVIEW "Dashboard Datatype" and the data that gets packed by this class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DashboardDataSender::DashboardDataSender (  ) 

Send data to the dashboard. This class sends two types of data to the dashboard program: 1. Data representing all the ports on the robot 2. Camera tracking data so the dashboard can annotate the video stream with target information.

Member Function Documentation

void DashboardDataSender::sendIOPortData (  ) 

Send IO port data to the dashboard. Send data representing the output of all the IO ports on the cRIO to the dashboard. This is probably not the best data to send for your robot. Better would be higher level information like arm angle or collector status. But this is a sample and you're free to modify it. Be sure to make the corresponding changes in the LabVIEW example dashboard program running on your driver station.

void DashboardDataSender::sendVisionData ( double  joyStickX,
double  gyroAngle,
double  gyroRate,
double  targetX,
vector< Target targets 

Send the vision tracking data. Sends the vision information to the dashboard so that the images will be annotated and the graphs will operate.

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