BasePID Class Reference

#include <BaseDrive.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BasePID (__in TrcDrive *drive)
virtual ~BasePID (void)
void PIDWriteDrive (__in float outputDrive)
void PIDWriteTurn (__in float outputTurn)

Detailed Description

This class implements the base PID control with both drive and turn.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BasePID::BasePID ( __in TrcDrive *  drive  )  [inline]

Constructor for the BasePID class.

drive Points to the TrcDrive object.
virtual BasePID::~BasePID ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Destructor for the BasePID class.

Member Function Documentation

void BasePID::PIDWriteDrive ( __in float  outputDrive  )  [inline]

This function is called by the DrivePIDOutput to set the output value for drive.

output Specifies the drive output value.
void BasePID::PIDWriteTurn ( __in float  outputTurn  )  [inline]

This function is called by the TurnPIDOutput to set the output value for turn.

output Specifies the turn output value.

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