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#include <Action.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Action (__in BaseDrive *drive, __in Vision *vision, __in Kicker *kicker, __in Lid *lid)
virtual ~Action (void)
void ActionInit (void)
void ActionStop (void)
void ActionTask (__in bool fAutonomous)
void GetDriveStickData (__out float *pX, __out float *pY, __out float *pTurn)
UINT32 GetNumBalls (void)
void SetKickerArmedState (bool fArmed)
void NotifyButton (__in UINT32 port, __in UINT16 maskButton, __in bool fPressed)
void NotifyDIn (__in UINT32 slot, __in UINT16 maskDIn, __in bool fActive)

Detailed Description

This module defines and implements the Action subsytem. The Action subsystem includes the input and the action output systems of the game. It inherits the ButtonNotify and DigitalInNotify callback interfaces for processing the input notifications. The input system includes the joysticks, digital inputs and camera. The action output system includes the compressor, the pneumatics and the drive systems.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Action::Action ( __in BaseDrive drive,
__in Vision vision,
__in Kicker kicker,
__in Lid lid 
) [inline]

Constructor for the Action class. Create instances of all the components.

drive Points to the BaseDrive object.
vision Points to the Vision object.
kicker Points to the kicker object.
lid Points to the lid object.
virtual Action::~Action ( void   )  [inline, virtual]

Destructor for the Action class. Destroy instances of components that were created in the constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void Action::ActionInit ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called one time to do action subsystem initialization.

void Action::ActionStop ( void   )  [inline]

This function is called by the Disabled code to stop drive calibration and clear some states when the robot enters disabled mode.

void Action::ActionTask ( __in bool  fAutonomous  )  [inline]

This function is called periodically in the robot loop to process the input events.

fAutonomous Specifies whether this function is called in autonomous mode.
void Action::GetDriveStickData ( __out float *  pX,
__out float *  pY,
__out float *  pTurn 
) [inline]

This function returns the drive joystick data.

pX Points to the variable to hold the X value.
pY Points to the variable to hold the Y value.
pTurn Points to the varaible to hold the Turn value.
UINT32 Action::GetNumBalls ( void   )  [inline]

This function returns value of the DIP switches indicating the number of balls in the zone.

Returns the number of balls in the zone.
void Action::NotifyButton ( __in UINT32  port,
__in UINT16  maskButton,
__in bool  fPressed 
) [inline]

This function is called by the TrcJoystick object when a button event occurred.

port Specifies the joystick port.
maskButton Specifies the button mask.
fPressed If true, specifies the button is pressed, false if released.
void Action::NotifyDIn ( __in UINT32  slot,
__in UINT16  maskDIn,
__in bool  fActive 
) [inline]

This function is called by the DigitalIn object when a DigitalIn event occurred.

slot Specifies the Digital Module slot.
maskDIn Specifies the DigitalIn channel bit mask.
fActive If true, specifies the DigitalIn channel is active, false if released.
void Action::SetKickerArmedState ( bool  fArmed  )  [inline]

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